Abnormal: the new normal.

Everyone was stunned at the sight. They looked at each other in bewilderment. It was a scene they never expected, or predicted to see. They had never expected to see a smile on her face. But they did. The reason for her smile was very simple. Someone had appreciated her.
We as a race are somehow attracted to a lot of pessimism. It just sells. No one wants to know the positive stories, it’s always negativity that keeps the show running. This plays a crucial role in influencing our thought process and our attitudes.
Appreciation is now an art which has to be taught and cultivated. It’s funny to think that people are being trained to be nice and good to each other. The power that a small word of encouragement, a smile, an appreciative gesture has is beyond our imagination. One of the primary reasons why we have low self-confidence and insecurities is that we have stopped appreciating each other. We have forgotten how to help each other out.
Think about it, wouldn’t you feel good to walk into a room where people smile at you, appreciate you and also encourage you? The kick that you would experience is inexplicable.
We are so caught up in this rat race, that we forget to be human and be nice to each other. The power of building each other up is immense, it gives one the confidence to do more, to go out and achieve more.
Everything sounds very Utopian doesn’t it? But it’s possible, being nice is not a crime. If we think of it, it’s just being..really (ab)normal!



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